August 4, 2020

It can be quite intimidating to start a workout routine. There is so much to consider and you might not understand where to begin. Those who lead a busy life may not be able to hit the gym. However, it is possible to do an effective workout at home in just a few minutes. There are numerous workouts for beginners without equipment of any kind.

There are many ways you can do some exercises using your own body weight and the things around you. Here, we discuss the beginner-friendly workout moves that help you build strength, burn extra fat, and develop a mind-body connection so that you stay energetic all day. 

Workouts for Beginners Without Equipment

Here are some of the best workouts that beginners can do without the need for dumbbells or any fancy gyming equipment. 


The perfect bodyweight exercise for the upper body, push-ups are great for building strong arms, shoulders, chest, and abs. To perform this exercise, get the pushup position with the hands kept shoulder-width apart.

See that your hips don’t sag and the lower back remains flat. Slowly lower yourself keeping the elbows close to the body while descending. 

You don’t need any equipment to get started with this form of workout. They suit both beginners and advanced readers. While you can always start with the standard version, there are variations that you can try as you progress.

Doing a wall pushup is a great way to decrease pressure on the joints. Then, you can try one-handed wall pushups as you get more comfortable. When you start with this exercise, do a set of 10-15 reps, rest, and then do another set. 

Workouts Without Equipment

Sumo Squats

A lower body strength exercise that you can do without any equipment, a Sumo Squat is a variation of the regular squat that beginners can easily do at home.

The difference is that you keep the feet in a turned-out position and take a wider stance. This type of squats works on inner thighs as well as other lower body muscles. 

To do this exercise, stand with the feet kept wider than hip-width apart and turn the feet out. Clasp the hands together at the chest and bend the knees to lower your hips deeply in such a way that your thighs come parallel to the floor.

Keep the back straight and the upper body lifted. Ensure that the weight is on the heels and then rise up and straighten the legs to come back to the starting position. 

Mountain Climbers

One of the best no-equipment workouts for beginners, mountain climbers is a great cardio exercise that burns fat, increases heart rate, and boosts metabolism.

Though it looks simple, you can feel it as you get started. It uses the entire body and even the experienced can include it in their daily regimen with some variations. 

This workout is done from a plank position and you alternate between the two knees, bringing them to the chest and back out again. You speed up every time until you get into a running position against the floor. Run as fast as you can while keeping the core tight. Make sure the hips don’t rise and they are at the same height as the starting position. 

Hip Bridges

Hip bridges are simple to do and need no equipment. They activate muscles in the back and legs and provide an excellent way to strengthen the glutes. This exercise even helps release lower-back tension. And you can do them anywhere regardless of your fitness level. 

Hip Bridges
Hip Bridges

For this exercise, you lie flat on your back and keep the knees bent, arms in a V position by the hips. The feet should be kept hip-distance apart and the heels away.

Push through the heels to lift up the hips squeezing the glutes. Your shoulders and knees should be in a diagonally aligned position. Don’t use the lower back to pull up.

Hold the position for 1-2 seconds and return to the original pose. Though this is a simple workout, you should keep it slow to make the most out of it.

You can start with 10 repetitions and progress to do 3 sets taking a break in between. 

Air Squats

They are also called bodyweight squats and are a perfect addition to any workout program. While regular squats use weights, air squats are done without any equipment and focus on the glutes and thighs.

This workout helps build strength and balance in the lower body. They target hamstrings, thighs, and other lower body muscles. Air squats can also engage the core to achieve balance. 

To do air squats, stand keeping your feet wider than shoulder-distance and toes pointed outwards. Then, bend the knees and lower the hips to a depth in such a way that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Bend your elbows keeping the weight on the heels.

Then, rise up and straighten the legs, squeezing the glutes to benefit the most from this workout. This process makes one repetition. You can do a set of 10 and then gradually increase the number as you get used to it.

Side Lunges

This form of exercise works on the sides of the glutes and helps build stability and strength in the legs while improving the balance.

Side lunge targets lower body muscles like inner thighs, quads, and hamstrings and strengthens your core and thighs. It is a great beginner workout for flexibility and balance. 

Side Lunges
Side Lunges

To do a side lunge, you stand keeping your feet hip-distance apart and clasp the hands in front of your chest. Then, step out to the side with your left leg and bend the left knee pushing the hip back.

Next, return to the starting position and do the procedure with the right leg. Complete the set by alternating the legs. 

Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are great exercises for beginners who want to get active without any equipment right from the comfort of home. It is the best abs workout you can do as a part of your everyday strengthening regime. The bicycle crunch is great at activating the abdominal muscles, toning the thighs, and strengthening the core. 

Start by laying your back flat on the floor, raising your head and shoulders a little. Position your hands on the back of the head.

Then, lift a leg and bend the knee towards the chest. As you do this, twist your core in such a way that the opposite arm reaches the knee bent. Alternate the sides and repeat the exercise ten times. Increase to do three sets every day.

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