October 10, 2020

What The Bible Says On Healthy Eating

The Holy Bible is one of the best health guides which has been around for 2000 years. It contains everything we want to know about maintaining optimal health. The scripture talks about making the right food choices to live a healthy life. What the Bible says on eating healthy could usher in healthier diets and lifestyle choices in the 21st Century.

What The Bible Says On Healthy Eating
What The Bible Says On Eating Healthy

Today, when people are looking for ways to reverse the effects of poor lifestyle habits, the Bible can provide great insights into how you can modify your diet to improve your physical and emotional health. 

Let us throw some light on what the Bible verses speak about eating healthy. These tips and advice can help us stay in shape and improve energy. 

Eat A Balanced Diet

In the Bible, God asks us to have good health to be able to be successful in our work. A healthy diet can keep the immune system good and protect us against diseases and illnesses. When you eat a balanced diet, you can attain a balance between your mind, body and soul. 

The Bible says that you should eat or drink for the glory of God because when you bring God into eating, things change. Honouring him through your diet will change your food choices.

God has created the foods and drinks to nourish the body and he wants us to care for the body. So we should focus on eating healthy.

Eat What The God Has Created

The Bible tells us that you can eat seeds and fruits that plants and trees produce. It also gives a list of clean and unclean foods.

The scripture stresses the importance of eating whole and natural foods. It recommends eating whole fruits in their original form, lightly cooked, raw or steamed vegetables and whole grains. 

Eat What God Has Created
Eat What God Has Created

When foods are consumed in their natural form, they provide the maximum nutrition to support our bodily functions. The modern diet has moved away from God’s design of nutrition and has started improving foods through processing and additives, destroying the nutritional value of the foods.

Consumption of whole grains is advised in the Bible. It says we should eat home-made bread made from millet, wheat or barley because they contain fibres that benefit the body.

Avoid Food Addictions

While any addition is considered to be a problem in the culture, food is a big addiction as well. Food addiction is harmful as it destroys our balance.

The Bible advises on this in the form of fasting. Today, fasting is getting increasingly popular and people report long-term health benefits. 

The Bible talks about the Daniel fast where you eat only fruits and vegetables for a period of 21 days.

This type of fasting not only breaks the pattern of unhealthy eating but sets you on a path to better nutrition after breaking the fast. It is also a great way to abandon any addictions you have to food. 

Limit The Intake of Sugar

As all modern diets and nutrition plans suggest, sugar should be consumed in moderation to keep the diet healthy and balanced.

Even the Old Testament instructed to go easy on the sugar. It says that eating sweet is not bad but there are limits to eating sugar or honey. 

Limit The Sugar Intake
Limit The Sugar Intake

The Bible says that sweets can be addictive and disturb the balance of the body without the mind and soul. The portion should always be watched when indulging in sweets. It advises us to enjoy sugary items and never over-indulge. 

Control The Portion Size

The scripture talks about the boundaries of eating. Portion control is the key to healthy eating and we have boundaries to keep us protected.

The Bible says that God has created limits to protect us from getting indulged too much in things we love. He has not imposed any strict rules and wants us to enjoy what we like eating. But he cares for us and gives us reminders to know our limits.  

It is a fact that the first portion of any food tastes the best. So when you are enjoying something sweet or unhealthy, the first few bites taste great and then the taste buds tire.

This means it is easy to control portion sizes to be able to limit overindulging while enjoying all the tempting things. 

Fight The Cravings

The Bible contains verses that talk about temptations. When it comes to food, they are called cravings which we all face.

For most of us, this temptation is so strong that it comes with urgency and we fulfil the craving. The scripture suggests that you have the power to endure any craving.

It tells us that God is powerful and has created us to be strong enough to stay away from such temptations. 

What the Bible Recommends Eating 

The original diet God gave to human beings consisted of the highest nutrition foods that satisfied hunger. 

Whole Foods

The Bible recommends eating whole foods as processing them destroys the nutritional values. Adding preservatives and chemicals can cause cell and tissue damage.

We should also include an abundance of fibres for digestion. Grains, legumes and beans contain fibre that reduces heart failure risk, improves digestion and contributes to healthy levels of blood sugar. 


Fruits are amazing foods for detoxification and contain water, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Apples, berries, avocados, lemons and pineapples have amazing health benefits and should be included in daily diet. 


Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, kale and others are known to kill the virus and bacteria, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and boost the immune system. They support body functions, prevent diseases and help deal with inflammation.

The guidelines about healthy eating from the Bible are aimed at helping you walk on the path to vitality and well-being.

The advice from the holy book tells us what type of diet God made for us to live healthy and active. The verses about eating provide the guidance you need to modify the diet and lifestyle habits to maintain an optimal state of health.

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