August 23, 2020

If you are after weight loss or fitness, chances are that you have already heard about Total Body Enhancement by Planet Fitness. It is a newly introduced program in the gym and fitness industry that has created a lot of buzz.

Planet Fitness offers the service to revamp the overall gym experience and deliver added benefits to those who are interested in shedding extra pounds or toning their body. 

Total Body Enhancement By Planet Fitness

The Planet Fitness group adds the advanced equipment to their gyms to let users get a little more out of their efforts at the gym. In this guide, we take a closer look at this product and try to understand what it offers and whether it can help you achieve your fitness goals. 

What is Total Body Enhancement?

A body enhancement booth, Total Body Enhancement is a therapy machine that helps burn fat from the body. The booth is developed by ‘Beauty Angel’ and installed at Planet Fitness gyms. It is called a therapy booth because it delivers great results instantly. The machine has red light therapy panels on the walls and a vibration pad. It does not use UV light and therefore causes no harm to the skin and body. 

Beauty Angel Booth
Beauty Angel Booth

Total body enhancement booth consists of red light tubes on all the sides to emit red light on the body. The machine is fully enclosed to ensure privacy. It also has a ventilation facility which keeps the user cool during warm months. It also comes with an MP3 player connection so that users can enjoy music while using the machine. 

The machine uses Vibra Shape technology that increases muscle activity and enhances blood circulation in the body. The light energy is an extra to benefit from. The platform-based vibration pad tones the entire body and reduces stretch marks, cellulite and other imperfections on the skin. It also enhances skin tone. The machine also promotes weight and fat loss in the body. 

How Does Total Body Enhancement Work?

This product uses the red light therapy which is not harmful to your skin or body. This booth combines red light therapy with body vibration to deliver a wide range of benefits.

Red light therapy helps reduce fat and weight by targeting the body cells storing the fat and stimulating them to release fat. 

The machine emits low-light frequencies of red light which penetrate through the skin and help boost the process of rejuvenation and recovery by increasing the blood flow.

This would result in improved tone and texture of the skin. It also helps reverse the signs of aging. You can achieve wrinkle-free, firm skin with the use of red light therapy. 

The whole body vibration from the platform spreads energy through the body, which in turn, leads to muscle contraction and relaxation at a great speed. This feels like a workout to the body.

This vibration increases the metabolic rate in the body and delivers benefits of a moderate workout. The vibration can be adjusted using the settings to suit your preference. 

How To Use Total Body Enhancement?

The total body enhancement machine can be used whenever you want at the Planet Fitness gyms. Trainers advise using it 2-3 times for 10-12 minutes each. It is a great addition to any workout routine and can be used before or after exercise. 

The machine provides low-impact muscle toning and is great for warming up before workouts. When used after a workout, the machine effectively reduces inflammation and soreness in the muscles and relieves the joints. It helps heal the body after heavy weight lifting and intense cardio workouts. 

Total body enhancement gives a massage to the entire body and keeps your body active for a long time. You get the benefits of walking on a treadmill without doing anything.

It can also be used as a standalone session to avail benefits like relaxation, muscle toning and core strengthening. It also works on skin improvement at the same time. 

Using the machine is pretty straightforward and simple. It can be used on your own without any professional help. 

1. Press the Start button on the remote. 

2. Press the white button on the left to activate the foot pad. 

3. Select one of the four intensity programs using the + button.

4. Once you have selected the setting, let the LED screen clear.

5. To turn on the fan, press the button on the right side until you see the fan light. You can adjust the fan’s speed to your liking and the fan will keep you cool during the session.

Benefits of Using Total Body Enhancement

The total body enhancement machine offers a number of benefits. It helps tone the body and enhances the skin complexion. You feel healthy by using this booth. It also works on the skin to reduce signs of aging and other problems. It can help you make the skin look better and radiant. 

Benefits of Total Body Enhancement
Benefits of Using Total Body Enhancement

Total body enhancement at Planet Fitness helps you burn fat and lose weight effectively. It also improves your body structure and reduces joint pains.

There are no known adverse effects of this machine if used correctly. It improves the overall health and fitness of the person without having to workout. 

The booth increases the body’s ability to burn fat and helps gain more energy before and after a workout.

It results in decreased cellulite, reduced appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles and improves the elasticity and tone of the skin. It improves the blood circulation and gives relief from inflammation, muscle soreness and joint aches. 

Final Words

Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness is one of the best programs introduced to benefit in multiple ways. This booth can be used anytime by anybody to benefit the skin as well as the body. It works perfectly for those who want to lose weight.

It also helps get the perfect skin without having to use any chemicals. If you use the machine on a consistent basis, you can reap the long-term benefits it offers and achieves your health and fitness goals.

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