July 28, 2020

One of every five people that you come across these days is trying to lose weight. Weight loss, either for health purposes or to achieve that celebrity-inspired body, has become quite the trend nowadays.

Whatever the reason may be, it is always a plus when you have your weight under control because it is one of the stepping stones to the ultimate path of ideal health and fitness.

However, many people struggle in terms of the right foods to eat when they are on their weight loss journey. It is important to note here that not all foods will impact your appetite the same way since they contain varying amounts of calories and also go through different metabolic processes in the body.

So, to make things easy for you, we have come up with the 4 best weight loss-friendly foods that are also backed by research and science.

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Oatmeal and Blueberries, Yum


This super popular breakfast item is not only delicious but also results in a lower number on those weighing scales. Several studies and experiments have explored the impact of starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal on fullness and appetite levels. One such study found that oatmeal makes one feel really full for a long time and also less hungry at the next meal of the day. Oatmeal also contains more amounts of proteins and fibre and less sugar as compared to those typical breakfast cereals.

Whole Eggs​

This is another breakfast staple that has recently gained a major reputation for its ability to aid in weight loss. Eating whole eggs in breakfast increases satiety and helps one feel full for a longer period of time. A very popular study was once conducted that compared the effects of eating eggs for breakfast to eating bagels on satisfaction levels, hunger and the amount of food intake.

The results of the study significantly found that participants who ate eggs for breakfast consumed less food at their next meal and also reported feeling less hungry overall as compared to those who had bagels. The study further went on to compare ghrelin levels in the body, which is also referred to as the ‘hunger hormone’. The former group showed lower ghrelin levels in their body than the latter bagel group.

Remember the grapefruit juice diet?


While fruits are a must-have when you are trying to lose weight, grapefruit, in particular, deserves special mention because it leads to direct and effective weight loss. There is on-going research on the relationship between grapefruit consumption and weight loss. It found that this fruit consists of an organic compound called nootkatone that activates an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in the body. The activation of AMPK stimulates the energy-producing processes in the body that further boost metabolism levels. This, in turn, aids in weight loss by significantly reducing abdominal fat accumulation and the kind of weight that is induced by high-fat and high-sucrose diets.

Nuts are great for a snack


Be it almonds or walnuts, all kinds of nuts are considered superfoods that not only keep you healthy but also help reduce weight and burn calories. They are a rich source of protein, fibre, vitamins, and healthy fats, which benefit your body in the best ways.

Almonds, for instance, contain monounsaturated fats that prevent overeating and allow one to feel full. They also contain an amino acid called L-arginine that helps burn fat in the body. Walnuts, on the other hand, are popular for their appetite-controlling properties. They consist of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and plant sterols, all which help in weight loss by suppressing hunger and burning body fats.

Now that you know some of the must-have foods for weight loss, head out to your nearest store and get these healthy foods to officially begin your weight loss journey!

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