August 23, 2020

Muscle testing yourself for supplements is a biofeedback mechanism that assists us in determining what the stressors are and where they are located in the body.

It is basically a technique of getting answers about your physical and mental well-being from the subconscious mind. When you know how to muscle test yourself, you get a handy tool to access useful information from your body. 

Muscle Test Yourself For Supplements

Muscle testing is used for a variety of purposes. It helps identify chemical, emotional or organ imbalances in the body, food intolerances, nutritional deficiency and more. It can also be used to choose the right supplements for the body.

In this guide, we try to learn how to muscle test yourself for supplements and use the technique to find out what supplements would work for you. 

How Muscle Tests Work For Supplements?

Muscle testing is a feedback mechanism that helps get answers about different things from our subconscious mind. Through muscle testing, we use the subconscious muscle response as a feedback tool considering the fact that muscles respond differently to various inputs. 

Muscle testing works on the idea that your subconscious mind is in continuous contact with the body and knows your opinions and beliefs. It communicates with the cells and knows your physiology well. Through a muscle test, you access this information from the subconscious mind. 

Your energy system strengthens with what is good for you, giving a strong response. Something harmful for the body will slow down the energy and give a negative or weak response.

When you apply pressure to a muscle and it stays strong, the response is yes. The muscle would respond weakly if the answer is no. 

When you are not sure whether a particular supplement is right for you, muscle testing yourself can help you find out what your body feels about it.

If the muscle stays strong, it means the supplement is acceptable and would benefit your body. If you get a negative response, the supplement might not give the best results when used and can even cause harm. 

How To Do Muscle Testing?

You can use a wide variety of techniques to muscle test yourself for supplements. You can use any of these methods to verify the response of the muscle for the supplement in question. The idea is to find out whether the response is strong or weak. 

The Sway Test

This muscle testing technique uses the muscles of the whole body to give you an indication whether a particular supplement is right for you.

To use this method, stand in a comfortable and relaxed position with your feet wider than shoulder-distance. You can keep the knees loose and a little bent. Draw the shoulders down along your spine. 

Sway Test
The Sway Test

Once you are in this position, take time to practice some breathing exercise to connect your mind and body. Do some inhalation and exhalation and correct any imbalances such as dry mouth. Ask yourself whether the supplement is good for you. 

When you ask the question, your body will sway forward or backward. If your body moves in the forward direction, it indicates the supplement will benefit you. Instead of asking a question, you can just hold the bottle of supplement near your chest.

Take note of the body’s response. If you sway forward, it means the supplement is beneficial for you. If the body leans backward, it indicates the body repels the supplement. 

The Fingers Test

Doing a self muscle test is easy with the fingers. You can start by bringing together the tips of the thumb and finger to make an ‘O’. You can use any hand.

Next, the index finger of the other hand should be passed through the O you just made in such a way that the side of the finger rests where the two fingertips connect. 

To do a self muscle test for supplements, activate the muscles in the index finger so that it can put pressure on the fingers forming the circle. And the two fingers involved in the circle should resist the pressure.

When holding the pressure, ask yourself whether the supplement is right for you. Focus on the resistance and pressure between the fingers.

If the index finger is able to break the circle, the response is positive. If it fails, it means the response is negative or the answer to your question is no. It can take some practice to exert the pressure the right way but this method is quite effective. 

The Arm Method

There is a simple method you can use to test your muscles for supplements. You can hold your arm straight in your front and ask yourself whether the supplement would benefit you. If the arm stays strong, it means the response is positive and you can start taking the supplement.

A negative response from the body would cause the arm to drop. If this happens, it means you should research more on the supplement before taking it. 

Tips For Self Muscle Test

It can take some time to get clear responses from your muscles. With the following tips, you can use the technique with accuracy and confidence. 

1. In the beginning, you may not get clear answers from the test. This is because the body’s energy is not able to send signals through the muscles.

You can calibrate the system by asking some easy questions with obvious answers. Also, make sure you ask questions clearly. Once you have enough practice, you can ask the same questions in multiple ways to confirm the response. 

Self Muscle Test
Self Muscle Test

2. Another requirement for an effective muscle test is to get rid of all the external distractions. Your mind should be clear without any other thoughts running.

In the beginning, you can select a comfortable, quiet environment where there are no distractions. Once you master the skill, you can do it anywhere and get a reliable response. 

3. For muscle testing to work, it is important to stay hydrated. If you are not properly hydrated, the body’s energy might not flow well. Drink plenty of water before and during the muscle test. Also, stay calm and relaxed.

Take a deep breath before starting and relax all your muscles. You can try meditation to improve your focus. Pay attention to your breathing to get the focus and clarity needed for reliable muscle testing.

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