August 18, 2020

Most gym-goers dislike training legs and often skip out this group of muscles. This can get you an imbalance between the upper and lower body size, leading to disturbed physique symmetry. Skinny legs not only look bad but also prevent your body from availing benefits of growing leg muscles, so how to gain leg mass? Here’s our complete guide below.

How To Gain Leg Mass?

So if you are convinced about gaining some leg mass, here is a guide to help you achieve it faster. In this post, we give some great tips for building stronger, bigger legs. We also discuss the most effective workouts for training leg muscles. 

Benefit From Resistance Bands

Get a pair of mini bands and add them to your toolkit. If you are really serious about building leg muscles, it will be a worthy investment.

You can use them to work against the resistance for pumping up and warming up your muscles by looping them below or above the knees or around the ankles. 

What makes resistance bands so effective is that they allow targeting muscle groups that you can generally ignore such as abductors, adductors or glutes which are hard to hit using lunges and squats. 

Focus On Your Derriere

Strong glutes are as essential for big and strong legs as abs are for the upper body. If your middle body is soft, nothing will be as desired.

Before starting a leg workout or simply during free time, remember to do some donkey kicks or crab walks to grow these muscles. 

For donkey kicks, get on your fours, stacking the hands right under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Keep the back flat and a 90-degree bend in your right knee.

Lift the left leg straight back as you would kick. Return slowly to the starting position. Do 12 reps on one side and switch legs. Aim for two sets on each leg. 

To do crab walks, wrap the mini band below your knees, lower into a half squat and move to the side with big steps proceeding with the knee and not the ankle. 

Don’t Ignore The Stabilizer Muscles

Most people working on their leg muscles often don’t focus on the smaller stabilizer muscles in their hips. These muscles are vital for the right stability of the hips and prevention of injury.

If these muscles don’t function well, the movements become less effective and prone to danger. So make sure you train your inner and outer thigh muscles as a part of your leg training routine, particularly before squats and deadlifts. 

Keep The Body Fuelled

Your legs are one of the biggest muscle groups in the body. So it is important that you keep your body energized to train the legs hard.

Make sure you get enough protein and calories before and after workouts. Focus on fruit juices and whole milk as well as good quality proteins so that you don’t get exhausted when hitting your leg muscles hard. 

The Best Leg Exercises For Mass


You won’t see a lot of people skipping in the gym these days. However, it is an excellent cardio workout and works wonders for leg muscles, building hamstrings and quads and working out the calves. Skipping is also a great way for beginners to start working on their leg muscles. 

You can simply add skipping to your daily workout routine to involve your legs or develop new moves to build core strength and balance.

You can start with simple rope jumps, keeping the two feet together and jumping with a straight posture. Once you master this move, you can try one leg, alternate feet, 360s and other advanced techniques to gain leg muscle mass. 

Leg Press

A machine move that covers a group of leg muscles, leg press stimulates the glutes, hamstrings and quads to their optimum potential. Resistance machine moves like this one can do what other free weight moves cannot do. 

Leg Press – How To Gain Leg Mass?

To do a leg press, place the feet on the pad, shoulder-width apart and make sure there is an angle to the toe position and they don’t point straight. Straighten the legs and release the handles.

While doing this, keep the back firmly set against the seat to avoid any strain on the lower back. Then, lower your legs towards the chest while taking care you don’t bounce the knees. Drive them back up without locking the knees out completely. 

Calf Raise

This is a simple exercise that beginners can easily follow to work on the calves which are not so easy to target. Calf raises are a must for athletes and runners and can be included in daily workout routine at the gym or home.

This workout is aimed at getting your calves stronger and building leg mass. Calf raises are the easiest exercises to incorporate into daily life. You can do them while standing in a lift, brushing the teeth or waiting for the milk to boil. 

Stand up straight and push down through the balls of the feet, raising your heels until you are standing on your toes. Then you can lower slowly back to the starting position.

You can do calf raises keeping the toes on the edge of a step to allow a greater range of movement. You can also add a weight to make it challenging. 

Barbell Squat

The squat is called the ‘king of leg moves’ as it works on the major muscles of the lower body, and when you put a good amount of weight on the bar, it becomes a full-body training as you contract the back muscles to maintain an optimal torso position. It is an excellent leg builder and focuses on every muscle in the leg.

Let the bar rest on your back shoulder muscles, go back by two steps and stand keeping your feet shoulder-width apart with toes pointing outward.

Then, sit down as if you do on a chair while keeping your spine aligned. Descend until the hip crease gets below the knee. While you rise up, keep the weight on the heels.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

A deadlift is a compound exercise that develops overall mass and strength in the lower body. This move improves balance and glute control while training your hamstrings.

This workout can be beneficial at light as well as moderate weights and builds core stability and strength. 

To perform this move, hold a dumbbell in one hand, lift the same side leg straight behind and lean forward over the other leg pushing the hip towards the back.

This position should feel the stretch in your hamstring. You can consider performing it in front of a mirror to keep the back straight and head up.

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