August 15, 2020

For gym freaks, getting the perfect pecs complemented by a bigger and stronger upper torso is a dream. Mondays are observed as National Bench Days or International Chest Day where you can hit all of the bench presses and weighted dips on the right mark, but it may not always help gain chest mass.

However, here’s a deal-breaker. Bench presses might be the foundation of chest training but it is certainly not the start and end of it. What you need is a variation of exercises that target every muscle in your chest and tips that you might be overlooking all this while.

How To Gain Chest Mass

So if you are all set to get a hot, strong and muscular chest, we are all set to reveal exercises and tips to get you there.

Chest Building Mistakes

First off, let’s get the major mistakes committed while working on the chest out of the way. From overworking their bodies to eating the wrong quantity of food, here are some serious mistakes that yield absolutely no results.

  1. Stressors On The Chest

Refrain from over stressing your chest with heavy weights. You will have to gradually work on increasing the weight and not strain your chest muscles from working out of the limits.

Over-exerting will only boost the production of testosterone and other growth hormones and you will end up ruining your posture.

  1. Over Consumption of Food

It is a myth that eating more food would somehow get you to gain chest mass quickly.

You can work out 3 times a day and still not develop your chest muscles if your eating habits are not proper and if you are not able to control your weight. 

  1. Isolation of The Chest

You have to remember that your chest is a muscle and you have to develop it as a whole.
Focusing on just the upper or lower part of your chest would make your upper body look out of proportion.

Exercises To Build Your Chest

  1. Press Up

Set 1, reps 60 seconds, rest 90 seconds

Support your body weight on your hands while they are placed beneath your shoulders.
Lift your body up on your toes in such a way that your head, back and heels fall in a straight line.
Then push your entire body entirely on your palms and toes in such a way that your arms are fully extended. While coming back by bending your elbows. Get back to your original position.  

  1. Clap Press Up

Set 1, reps 90 seconds, rest 60 seconds

Clap Press Up
Clap Press Up

Position yourself in the regular press-up position. Lower your body and let your body almost touch the floor.

When you pull your body weight up on your palms and toes simultaneously clap your hands together and then place your palms on the floor again. Get back to your original position. 

  1. Incline Press Up

Set 1, reps 60 seconds, rest 90 seconds

Place your hands, palms facing on a bench in a way that they are a little distant from each other. Incline your body weight on the bench and bend your arms so that your chest almost touches the bench.

Now pull your body weight upwards and stretch your arms. Fall back into the original position. 

  1. Pectoral Stretch

1 set for each side, reps according to you, rest 60 seconds

Stand upright and place your hands behind you. Push into your lower back and hold that position for a while.

Then, by pulling your shoulders back, try pushing your chest out. Get back to the original position and repeat. 

  1. Flat Dumbbell Fly

Sets 3, reps 12, rest 60 seconds 

Lie on a bench with your back resting on the bench. Hold to dumbbells near your shoulders while your palms are facing inwards.

Extend your arms by stretching them fully. This would be your starting position. After this, you will bend your arms so that you can arc the dumbbells to the side.

This will help you to stretch your chest. Hold that position for a few seconds and then get back to the original position. 

  1. Barbell Bench Press

10 sets, 6 reps, rest 60 seconds

Lie on your back on a flat bench and hold a barbell in your hands, shoulder width. Then lift your hands above and fully extend your arms.

Breathe in as you bring the dumbell to the starting position while lowering your back and placing the barbell rod close to your chest.

Repeat by pushing up the barbell by lifting your hands. 

  1. Reverse Grip Press

1 set, 60 seconds reps, 90 seconds rest

Place yourself in a press-up position and point your fingers towards your feet. Lower your chest until it is an inch from the floor and then push your body back up.

This exercise is beneficial to gain chest mass as it improves blood circulation in the chest. 

  1. Dips

Sets 2, reps 60 seconds, 60 seconds rest. 

Start off by wearing a weighted belt around your waist and keeping your arms straight. Reach for the parallel bars.

Bend your arms and lean forward, thus lowering your body. Dip down and make sure your shoulders are above your elbows. Straighten your arms and lift your body up and then lock your elbows. 

Tips For Chest Building 

  1. Compound Lifting Exercises – Challenge all your muscle groups to speed up your path to bigger pecs.

    Exercises like deadlifts, squats and different types of press-ups have to be performed in combination with rigorous chest exercises.
  1. Focus on the technicalities – Add some more weight to your routine workouts or lower the weights if necessary.

    If you are doing presses, make sure you are touching the floor fully, not just partially.
Compound Lifting Exercises
Compound Lifting Exercises
  1. Rest well and eat well – Here’s a mind-boggling fact – your muscle does not grow while you train, your muscle actually grows while you are resting.

    So make sure you eat the right calories while your muscles take rest and hog up on those nutrients.
  1. Patience is key – Do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. Working out to get the body that you have always desired is definitely difficult.

    But it is only possible if you manage it efficiently with the correct determination and adequate amount of work out hours. Do not forget to be patient with yourself throughout the process.

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