August 23, 2020

Apart from 6-pack abs and a big chest, having bigger arm mass can boost one’s self-confidence. Muscular arms showcase strength and athletic interest. In addition to the appearance, there are practical benefits of having strong arms. Whatever involves upper body effort, right from lifting heavy items to kids, can be easily done with strong arms. So how to gain arm mass? Here’s our in-depth guide.

How To Gain Arm Mass?

Increasing your muscle mass in the arms not only boosts your fitness but lowers your risks of injury, increases core strength and enhances metabolism to help you stay healthy.

Biceps at the front and triceps in the back are the two main muscles in your arm area. These muscles require different types of exercises to build strength. 

In this guide, we talk about everything you should know to gain arm mass. We discuss the most effective tips and the best workouts that help you easily build arm muscles. 

Tips To Gain Arm Mass

The biggest mistakes people make is getting involved in extensive bicep and tricep exercises to build arms. While this would work at an advanced level, it is not so effective for beginners.

One cannot have big arms until he is underweight. To gain arm mass, you should first increase the overall muscle mass by following some essential tips like,

Increase The Weekly Training Volume

To build any muscle, it is essential that you work it two-three times in a week. If you train the arm muscle once a week, you can’t expect desired growth. 

Consider Tempo Training

Weight training may seem simple but it is actually the tempo at which you lift that decides how bigger you build the arms.

You should stick to the tempo code appropriate to your workout to see effective results

Take A Lot of Protein

To gain weight and mass, you should eat more than what you burn. While most men need 3000 kcal per day, skinny guys would need even more.

To grow your muscles, include sufficient protein in your meals. Consume protein-rich foods to make sure you get 1.5-2 grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight. 


Grow by stretching and flexing your arm muscles. Biceps training should be combined with enough stretching to avoid them from getting too tight.

Stand at the side of a wall about an arm-width away and keep the palm flat on the wall while stretching the arm. You should feel the stretch, hold it for about half a minute and then repeat on the other arm. 

Exercises For Biceps

The key muscle involved in lifting and pulling, your biceps can be trained using some of the most effective curling and lifting exercises like,

Barbell Bicep Curl

This is a classic exercise for building biceps and should be done carefully so that you use only the arms and keep the back straight. Start with a lighter weight and increase as you practice.

Stand keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold the barbell in your hands with the palms facing down. Gradually curl the barbell up towards the chest while using only the arm to lift the weight. Hold the position and then lower the weight slowly to its starting position. 


To do this bicep exercise, hold a pull-up bar keeping your hands wider than shoulder distance apart.

Brace the core and pull your body up to the point that your chest touches the bar. Then, lower yourself until your arms are straight again. 

Concentration Curl

This exercise is known to achieve the highest activation of the muscle. It is quite effective at working the arms and gaining mass.

To do the concentration curl, sit on a bench forming a V shape with the legs. Hold a dumbbell in one hand and lean slightly forward. Rest the elbow on the inner thigh with the palms facing your face. Maintain stability by resting the other hand on your other thigh. 

Concentration Curl
Concentration Curl

Curl the weight slowly towards the shoulder while keeping the body still. Turn the wrist slightly as you lift the dumbbell to end the curl near the shoulder.

Pause for a while to feel the effort in your arm and then lower the weight. Repeat the steps for about 15 times and then switch the arm. 


Another effective bicep building exercise, chin up requires a chin-up bar that is high enough to keep your feet off the ground when you extend the arms. To do a chin-up, grab the chin-up bar with both the hands by jumping to reach it.

Keep your body steady as you wrap the thumbs around the bar. Bend your elbows to slowly pull the body upward. Work on the biceps to pull the entire body to the point where your chin touches the bar.

Pause for a while and then lower the body slowly to the starting position before making another repetition. 

Exercises For Triceps

Here are some of the most effective workouts that help build firm, strong, big triceps located at the back of your arm. 

Overhead Extension

Generally performed using a single dumbbell, this extension should be started with a lighter weight and increased as you get used to.

To perform this exercise, stand straight with the feet kept shoulder-width apart. Place the hands around the weight and lift it up over the head in such a way that the arms are straight.

Then, bend the elbows to a 90-degree angle to bring the dumbbell behind the head. Straighten the arms slowly again so that the weight is above the head. 

Incline Bench Press

To do this bench press for triceps, lie on an inclined bench and hold a bar with your hands spread slightly wider than shoulder distance.

Incline Bench Press
Incline Bench Press

Keep your arms straight and press the feet to the ground. Slowly lower the bar towards your chest and then raise it back to the starting position. 


Tricep dips can be performed without a dip stand as well. To do this exercise at home, you can place your hands behind you on a flat chair.

Keep them shoulder-width apart and slide your butt off the surface with the legs extended out. Keep the arms straight with a tension in the elbows and then bend the elbows to lower your body in such a way that the elbows form a 90-degree angle. Then, return to the starting position by straightening the elbows. 

Triangle Push-Up

The most effective exercise for training triceps, triangle pushup involves the entire weight of your body. To do this exercise, get into the pushup position with the hands and toes touching the floor.

Place the hands below your face to form a triangle with the thumbs and fingers. Keep the legs and torso straight and lower the body slowly bringing the nose close to the hands. Then, push the body back to the starting position without arching the back.

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