August 3, 2020

Weight loss is certainly a life-saver. You reduce your body fat to a healthy level to reduce strain on your joints and decrease the risks of chronic diseases. However, when you lose a significant amount of weight at once, you may develop loose skin in various areas. This can be really disheartening particularly when it is under the arms which look really bad. In this article, we will learn how to get rid of flabby arms after weight loss?

Flabby Arms After Weight Loss
Flabby Arms After Weight Loss

Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, your next challenge might be to get rid of flabby arms. While some people may need surgery to remove this loose skin, others can achieve it by simple lifestyle changes.

Today, we discuss some effective exercises that help minimize the appearance of flabby arms and tone them. 

How To Get Rid of Flabby Arms After Weight Loss?

Here we show you a list of exercises that are fairly easy to do. You can also do these exercises at home. These exercises may help you learn how To Get Rid of Flabby Arms After Weight Loss?

Triceps Pushups

Push-Ups work effectively at toning and strengthening your chest and arm muscles. Triceps pushups is a modified pushup workout done on the knees. You start in a plank position balancing the body on the palms and knees. Make sure the back is straight at all times. Once you get a good balance, you can proceed to balance on the toe. 

From this position, lower your entire body towards the ground keeping the elbows near the rib cage. Lower till the shoulder is in line with the elbow. Pause for some seconds and then go back to the starting plank position. Repeat the exercise 10 times and do 3-4 sets everyday resting in between. 

Triceps Step-ups

A simple arm-toning exercise that proves effective at getting rid of flabby arms, triceps step-ups are easy to do. You start in a plank position and remain straight by balancing the elbows and toes.

Ensure that your core is squeezed and feels it. Next, get on your hands alternating them and then on the elbows. Do this quickly to work your arm muscles.

Triceps Step-Ups
Triceps Step-Ups

Repeat for 30 seconds before taking a rest and then repeat again. Beginners can also consider doing it on the knees instead of toes. 

Triceps Dips

This exercise is easy to perform and can be done with the help of a chair, bench or couch. Sit at the edge and place the arms behind you, keeping a shoulder-width distance between your arms.

Keep your back straight and sit at the edge of the chair or bench stretching the legs out in your front. Next, bend your elbows behind and lower the body towards the ground. 

Hold the position for a few seconds and then push the body up again by straightening your arms. Repeat the step for about 20 times and do 2-3 sets every day to get effective results at tightening loose skin in the arms. 

Bicep Curls

An effective weight-training workout known to work the upper and lower arm muscles, bicep curls are great for flabby arms and can give desired results when done regularly.

For this exercise, you can choose the dumbbell weight you can lift comfortably. In a standing position, hold the dumbbells in both the hands keeping the palms facing the thighs. 

Keep the feet shoulder-width apart and use the core muscles to lift the weights. Bend the elbows and lift the dumbbells by bringing the arms up to the shoulders. To maintain correct form, keep the elbows closer to your sides.

Hold the position for some time before lowering the arms to bring the dumbbells down. You can start with a set of 20 repetitions and progress gradually according to the level of your comfort. 

Standing Arm Circles

One of the simplest exercises that work on flabby arms, standing arms circles are easy to do even for beginners. To do this exercise, stand straight on the floor with your feet pointing ahead.

Get the ‘golfer’s grip’ hand position by placing the fingertips into the pad of the hand, pointing the thumb out. It is essential to achieve this hand pose before doing the exercise. 

Keep your shoulder blades squeezed together and bring the arms out to the sides at the level of the shoulder. With the palms facing downward, rotate the arms forward.

Then face the palms upward and rotate them backwards. See that the shoulders are squeezed and the legs are straight.  

Plank Slaps

This is another simple exercise for flabby arms and works at tightening loose arm skin. Get the body in a plank position with the palms rested on the mat and toes stretched on the ground backwards.

Plank Slaps
Plank Slaps

The body should have a curved posture on all your fours. Now, use the left hand to touch the upper arm of the right hand and vice versa.

Continue the step in the same position for at least 30 seconds before taking a break. You can increase the number of repetitions as you feel comfortable. 

Side Plank With Weight

Planks work great for working out the core. Adding a pair of dumbbells to a side plank delivers twofold benefits.

This exercise not only works out your core but also your arms and can get you rid of flabby arms. To perform this exercise, you can take a dumbbell of any weight you like. 

Start by resting on your elbow in the side plank position. Focus on your form to hold the position correctly. Keep the elbow below the shoulder and the feet on the top of the other.

Hold the dumbbell on the other hand. Then, gradually lift your hip off the surface in such a way that your shoulders to ankle form a line. 

Next, extend the arm in which you are holding the weight. Bring the arm back in its starting position. Switch the sides and follow the steps again while paying attention to the breathing pattern. Repeat the exercise for at least ten times. 


An excellent solution for those who are troubled by flabby arms, scissors is easy to accomplish and needs no equipment. You just need to spread your mat and have some space.

Stand keeping your legs apart and take a starting position by extending the arms towards the sides. Next, bring the arms towards the front and cross them as if they were the blades of a scissor. 

Then, return to your starting position. Repeat the exercise for a few minutes to get effective results.

Following a regular routine with this workout can help tighten the arm skin and get you rid of flabby arms, getting them toned and strengthened. 

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