August 15, 2020

The fitness tracking technology is growing like never before and today, you can find a plethora of devices to track different types of sports and exercises. However, most fitness trackers offer the basic functions to track cycling, running and swimming, here we report on the best fitness trackers for weightlifting.

A few brands include the function of weight lifting. This can make it a bit difficult for active users who incorporate weight lifting into their fitness and workout routine.

But there are some manufacturers who have introduced devices that track resistance training. They use the latest technologies and features to track weight lifting activities.

In this post, we look at some of the best options for weight lifting fitness trackers that help you record all the aspects you would want to stay on top of your workout

Cycling fitness tracker
Best Fitness Trackers For Weightlifting

Fitbit Surge

A company that needs no introduction, Fitbit has introduced some really powerful trackers that dominate the industry.

The reason is that some of their devices are feature-packed and able to track whatever you give them, and Fitbit Surge is one of these. It is a smartwatch that has a built-in optical heart rate monitor. This lets you keep track of your heart rate all day.

The watch also tracks your physical activity so you can track how active you have been and how many calories you have burnt whether you are lifting in the gym or going for a walk.

By getting an idea of how active you are, you can plan your training and schedule your workouts. You can sync the watch with your phone or computer to see all the stats. 

The onboard accelerometer of this watch can be used to log reps during weight lifting. It also lets you enter training-related data and notes.

For those who do a lot of weight training, this watch certainly replaces a dedicated weight lifting tracker. The most impressive feature of Fitbit Surge is its GPS tracking that works great for cyclists and runners. 

Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin has secured a leading place in the world of fitness tracking for some years. They have become popular among athletes for their consistently functional watches.

The Forerunner 935 is the best thing that the manufacturer could offer to weightlifters. This tracker comes loaded with a number of features that make it ideal for weight lifting.

The most impressive thing about this fitness tracker is the lightweight design at just 50grams. This means you can wear it comfortably during intense workouts. Moreover, the device comes equipped with many sport modes so that you can find the right set of features and programs tailored to the activity you are doing. This feature would help users who include multiple workouts in their daily routine.

Garmin Forerunner 935

The fitness tracker connects automatically to the online platform where you can not only track your progress but share it with others. The device monitors your daily routine and performance and tells you if the workout is productive and whether you are undertraining or overtraining.

To help you with weightlifting, the tracker includes an electronic compass, barometer and other functions. 

Beast Athlete

A fitness tracker designed exclusively for weight training, Beast Athlete gives you real-time monitoring of your workout on your smartphone screen.

The number of metrics it can record is pretty impressive. You get speed, tension, time, explosiveness, power, average power, reps, intensity, muscle density and many other metrics with this tracker. 

This device has a magnetic sensor that can be attached to the machine or weight you use for your workout if you don’t like wearing a band.

The tracker keeps a record of your daily training and guides you towards the optimal zones for achieving the goal. All the information is stored in the online portal, a performance-based training diary dedicated to weight lifting. 

Apple Watch Series 6

The greatest offering from Apple, Watch 6 comes with an integrated cellular and GPS system to help you track your workouts better. It is probably the best smartwatch for tracking fitness. The watch has a stylish, durable design ideal for workouts.

It comes with an accurate HR monitor so you can just wear the watch and rely on the data for tracking your workout.

The watch face is easy to read and gives you a clear picture of your exercise, suggesting what areas you should focus on.

It supports tracking the metrics you need for weight lifting. Its unmatched connectivity with other devices allows customization to suit your workout requirements. 

It is designed to be waterproof and features heart sensors, an ECG app and a compass to offer advanced metrics for different types of activities. It recognizes a variety of workouts including weight lifting and suits athletes of varying levels. 

Atlas Wristband

This model is sure to impress those who want a uniquely designed tracker for their fitness activities. It has a case that is generally not seen in fitness trackers. It is quite comfortable to wear and monitors all the basic metrics including pace, distance, heart rate for activities like walking, running and cycling. 

Atlas Wristband can automatically detect the activity you are doing and show you the appropriate stats for the workout. It displays the number of reps for the exercise, making it easier for you to track it.

As far as weightlifting is concerned, the wearable can record your velocity and muscle focus. You can also use it to customize your workout and view your program in 3D. It is also swim-proof and resists water up to 30 metres. 

Conclusion for the Best Fitness Trackers For Weightlifting

Now that we know some of the best fitness trackers for weightlifting, choosing the right one is a matter of personal preference. The first thing you should consider is the comfort of the device. It should not get in the way of your workout activities.

Then you should focus on the features the tracker offers. Make sure the model you choose has everything you want to track during your weight lifting.

Lastly, check that the fitness tracker is built to be strong and durable because weight lifting is a heavy exercise and you certainly want a sturdy companion that can withstand the wear, bumps and drops.

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